• $440(prior to February 15th)

  • $16 Football Canada Membership (Non-Refundable)

  • $490 (after February 15th, Late Fees Non-Refundable)

  • Fees must be paid immediately to secure your spot


  • $50 for the voluntary removal of all players prior to season

  • $100 Following Equipment Distribution

  • 50% Following Start of Season (Practices)

  • No Refund After First Game


Six-A-Side football is a game intended for Grades 5 through 8 football players. The game is played on a smaller field with fewer players which increases each players opportunity to touch the ball and be involved in the play. Five of the six offensive players are eligible receivers to catch the ball. The game is shoot out format similar to NCAA, USPORT, or CFL overtime where each team will gain possession of the ball on their own 35 yard line with an opportunity to score.

The focus of the league is skill development. Coaches will take the time to teach each player a variety of positions in a fun inclusive environment. As an introduction to tackle football the Six-A-Side game is superior; it allows for a far bigger skill set to be developed for each player. Fewer players on each team ensures that there is more one on one coaching made available to each player.


  • Males & Females in Grade 5-8


  • Six-a-side Tackle Football(All Experiences)

  • Grade 7-8 Huskies Division

  • Grade 5-6 Hilltops Division


  • End of April to End of June


  • Games played at SMF Field


  • Learn Multiple Positions as a great introduction to tackle Football

  • Focus is on skill development

Included in fees

  • Regular Season and Jamboree

    • On turf fields (SMF Field or Griffiths Stadium)

  • Minimum of 2 practices per week

    • Field equipment provided for each team

      • Balls, Cones, Step-over bags, Tackle Wheels

  • NCCP Trained Coaches

  • Certified SFOA Officials

  • Equipment - All Fees for Equipment are Included

    • Helmet

    • Shoulder Pads

    • Knee Pads

    • Game Jersey

    • Practice Jersey

    • Pants

    • Belt

    • Equipment is sanitized following each season in our Sani Sport ozone machine

  • Football Saskatchewan membership & liability insurance

  • Football Saskatchewan Spring Lottery Tickets (If sold you recover $80 of your fees back)

  • Football Canada membership & accident insurance

  • Medical staff at each game

  • Regularly updated website

Required to be provided by player

  • Mouth guard

    • For a dental fitted mouthguard please see our partner and former Hilltop Dr. Brendon Gryba at McEown Ave Dental Clinic 2305 McEown Ave

      • Not required to have a custom dental fitted mouth guard

  • Girdle

  • Undergarments

    • Short/Long Sleeve Shirts

    • Compression Shorts/underwear

    • Socks

  • $400 Post Dated Cheque for Equipment Deposit

Optional to be provided by player

  • Cleats - Recommended

  • Football Gloves

  • Visor (Clear Only)

For best prices all Girdles, Undergarments, Cleats, Gloves and other equipment please see our friends at Trademark Designs on

2301 Ave C North #104, Saskatoon, SK S7L 5Z5