The 10th Annual Challenge Cup

June 23, 2022

Games will be all afternoon and early evening at SMF Field at Gordie Howe Park; lunch will be provided for all players. Each team will be guaranteed 4 games. Pool play will take place in the afternoon and bracket play starting in the evening at the turf at SMF Field. There will be a steak supper provided during the bracket play for all players and family members (at an additional cost).

Teams must have 1 member of the opposite sex on the field for a game of 5 on 5 football. There are competitive and recreational divisions. This is a great opportunity for corporate team building within your office.


  1. Games will be 30 minutes Straight Time

  2. Teams will be given 3 downs to half and 3 downs to score

  3. No cleats may be worn.

  4. Rusher may rush as soon as ball is snapped from the 7 yard bean bag

  5. Touchdowns will count for 6 points and Converts May be attempted 1pt from 5 yards or 2 pts from 10 yards.

  6. In the event of a tie each team will get a possession at half with 3 downs to score

  7. Flag Football Rules will be followed. No Flag Guarding, No Jumping or Diving, No Laterals Downfield

  8. The QB cannot run with the ball, a player that receives a handoff may throw or run if behind the line of scrimmage.

  9. HAVE FUN!!

Cost is $2000.00 per team and includes lunch, supper, and jerseys for your team as well as a Proceeds from this year go to the youth at risk programming run by Saskatoon Minor Football. If you are interested in joining this year please contact or Register Below.