2017 KFL Playoff Dates

Below is the 2017 KFL Playoff Schedule. Final standings placement are yet to be finalized, as there is still one more week left in the regular season. Some locations are still TBD as well.

Graham Construction Bowl--PeeWee 7-8-9. Wed Oct 25 6:30pm at TCU Field-soccer center

Ignite Conditioning Bowl--PeeWee 4vs1--Sunday Oct 29, 12noon at Kinsmen Field-soccer center

Bazaar Novelty Bowl--PeeWee 6vs5--Sunday Oct 29, 2pm at Kinsmen Field-soccer center

UofS Huskie Bowl--PeeWee 3vs2--Sunday Oct 29, 4pm at Kinsmen Field-soccer center

Saskatoon Hilltops Bowl--Bantam 4vs1--Sunday Oct 29, 12noon-location TBD

Concorde Group Bowl--Bantam 5-6-7. Sunday Oct 29, 2pm-location TBD

Football Sask Bowl--Bantam 3vs2--Sunday Oct 29, 5pm-location TBD

Kal Tire Bowl--PeeWee Championship Game--Sunday Nov 5, 1pm at SMF Field

Kal Tire Bowl--Bantam  Championship Game--Sunday Nov 5, 3pm at SMF Field

Football Sask Lottery Ticket Program


***All teams will receive their lottery cheque shortly***

***Thanks to Liz Sommacal and all the KFL team managers***

Social Media

Please be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the KFL and the special promotional events we have planned to celebrate our 50th year!

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Please be sure to read and understand the Communication Protocol for the League. As a league, we do not want any player(s) or team(s) singled out on social media for conduct that is deemed inappropriate by one person or a group of people. The KFL has set up a Discipline Committee that will deal with these situations on a case by case basis.

Kinsmen Sportsman of the Year

Congratulations to Johnny Marciniuk -- long time KFL organizer and leader.

Johnny has been awarded the Saskatoon Kinsmen Club's highest honor - Kinsmen Sportsman of the Year

Johnny will be honored at the Kinsmen dinner on Friday February 3, 2017

From all associated with Kinsmen Football---congratulations Johnny---well deserved!!!!

Concussion Protocols

The Kinsmen Football League (KFL) is please to announce we are once again partnered with Craven S.P.O.R.T. Services for the 2017 Season. Craven will be providing sideline Athletic Therapists at all KFL games.

For more information about their services and Concussion Management, please refer to the Documents section, or follow the links here.