Thank you to Our Community Partners

we could not do it without you

Thank you for helping Saskatoon Minor Football offer high value programs, outstanding coaches, and top quality equipment while keeping fees as low as possible.

Overall Title Partner - Currently Seeking

SMF Overall Presenting League Partner (1) – Available Immediately

A presenting partner is the most supportive and exclusive level of partnership. This partnership gives your company complete recognition in everything we do. Not only will your company name be incorporated into our league title, but it will also be integrated into all of our events and marketing tactics. Examples of benefits your organization will enjoy:

  • Saskatoon Minor Football presented by [Your Company Name] 

  • Company logo recognition on all printed materials, website, signage, posters, etc... 

  • Primary listing on all league banners, vehicles, and signage 

  • On‐site marketing/demonstration booths for products & displays 

  • Company logo prominently displayed on all team jerseys, coaches’ shirts, player giveaways, Saskatchewan Team Representatives Jerseys (U16 & U18) for Flag Nationals.

  • Opportunity to donate promotional items for player gift bags 

  • Right to create/host pre‐approved event/ activity or reception during league jamboree 

  • Company name/logo and overview will be featured on the League website and included in all
online marketing programs 

  • Free usage of banner space on highly trafficked Saskatoon Minor Football website

  • Your company name or logo prominently displayed on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages 

  • A framed partner plaque to proudly display at your place of business 

  • Positioning your company as one that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. 

  • Other promotional opportunities open for negotiation 

  • Suggested Investment: Contract Duration: $100,000 for 1 Year, $75,000 per year for 3 Years, $50,000 per year for 5 Years or further multi‐year agreement, Limited to one (1) partner per agreement

Please contact us to inquire

SMF League or Program Partner - Opportunities Available

League Partners are essential to our leagues. Typically, League/Program Partners are recognized as the primary partner of one of our specific Programs or Leagues. Investments will be specific to leagues.

  • Playground to Pros Camp – Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club

    • Coach/Celebrity Partners

      • NFL - $3,000.00+ depending on appearance fees

      • CFL - $1,000.00

      • CIS/CJFL - $500.00

  • 5 on 5 Spring & Fall Flag Football – Co-Partner Ens Auto Renewable April 2026 Co-Partner Immediately Available $15,000.00/Year

  • Six-a-Side Tackle Football – Available $25,000.00/Year

  • Kinsmen Football League - Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon

  • Rush Flag Football – Available $10,000.00/Year

  • Tykes on Spikes Spring & Fall – Co-Partner Thibodeau Subways Renewable April 2021 Co-Partner Available $5,000.00/Year

  • Northern Sask Academy – Available $15,000.00/Year

  • U16 Team North Sask – Available $15,000.00/Year